Welcome to the home of the Chevra Kadisha Of The Capital District (CKCD) - a Jewish organization entrusted to perform the rites and rituals of Le’vayat Ha-mayt or “Escorting the Dead” with utmost care and consideration! Based in Albany, NY, we have been serving the needs of Jewish communities around the Capital District region of upstate New York for almost 200 years. Over the past 30 years, under the leadership of Rabbi Dr. Moshe E. Bomzer and with the help of its numerous volunteers, CKCD has taken utmost pride in dedicating itself to maintain the sanctity of the Jewish body and soul as it transitions from our living world to the World Of The Holy Souls.

Having formed strong realationships with both Jewish and non-Jewish funeral homes in the Capital Disctrict, CKCD strives to perform the rites and rituals of Le’vayat Ha-mayt for the deceased, both men and women, across all Jewish denominations, according to strictest stanadards mandated by the Torah, while taking into consideration the needs and wants of the deceased. Our Me'taharim (volunteers) are trained to perform both the Tahara or “Ritual Washing and Dressing” and Shmira – watching over and praying for the soul of the deceased, which usually starts upon the completion of the Tahara and continues until burial, with the utmost care and consideration.

Additionally, the CKCD is available as a resource for any halachic (Jewish Law) questions regarding the process of death and mourning, issues regarding Jewish Burial customs and rituals, and more importantly, as a support system for the mourner(s) themselves. We understand exactly how difficult a time this is and it is our mission to make this transition period for both, the deceased and the mourner, as smooth and comfortable as possible, without compromising Jewish law and tradition.

Please feel free to use the Contact Us link if you would like to know more about the CKCD or how we can help you take care of your deceased loved ones.



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